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Web accessibility - we speak the language

An Exploration with a Computer Access Specialist allows a family or individual to explore options involving assistive technology.

This exploration may include computers, switches, software, and related peripherals. Explorations usually last an hour but can be longer if necessary.

Less formal than a full assessment, an exploration involves trying out software and hardware to assist you with a computer use goal. That goal can be very general: "I'd like my son to be able to read better" or very specific: "I want to try out screen magnifiers." We try to get an idea of what you're interested in using, and then assemble all the software and hardware that might be useful in achieving your goals.

After your visit, we provide a list of software and hardware that you tried, along with manufacturer and price information. This is a resource you can use as you learn more and make purchasing decisions.

The fee for an Exploration is $100 per hour, but no one will be refused service for inability to pay. You can download a copy of the AT Exploration Form on our Forms and Paperwork Page

If you were translating your website into French, you would hire native French speakers to do the work - so why wouldn’t you hire a firm composed of people with disabilities to do your accessibility work?

We speak the language of accessibility fluently, because we live and breathe it. Our accessibility staff and consultants are people who use a wide range of technology, including screen readers, enlarging software, hands-free devices and other access technologies. Our staff know WCAG, Section 508, accessibility, and technology, because we use it - every day.

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