Product Testing

Considering the needs of the widest range of possible users

The Center for Accessible Technology maintains a Test Bank of people with disabilities. We have a large number of users who are available to test Apps, software and other products and services.

Users include children, adults and seniors with a range of disabilities, and testers with a range of technical skill (from “expert users” to “technology novices”).

“Universal Design” refers to the process of considering the needs of the widest range of possible users when designing products and services. Far from designing specialized products, universal design creates products that are not only useable by people with disabilities, but ones that everyone can use.

CforAT provides product testing and evaluation of products and services for universal design. We give specific feedback on expanding the base of people who can use products and help create products that are more user friendly for everyone.

This type of user testing can give your company information about a product before it goes to market, or help guide future upgrades to existing products. By designing products with a range of user needs in mind, products become more usable by all your customers.

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