Accessibility Audits

The CforAT Approach

Many companies that offer web accessibility consulting rely solely on guidelines to direct their recommendations.

Guidelines and standards (such as Section 508 and WCAG) are important to help web authors understand how exactly to build accessible websites. Guidelines are also immensely important in helping browser vendors, assistive technology vendors, and web developers converge on techniques that will work for users.

However, it is our strong belief that there is no substitute for testing with users.

By having people with disabilities test every site we evaluate, we are able to discover situations where an interface may work from a technical standpoint, but be inaccessible because of the order information is provided, or the language used to describe it. It also allows us to remain current with the strategies users have for using the web, including common assistive technology settings, navigation strategies, and techniques for dealing with problem areas.

Our approach has been refined through years of working both with organizations trying to improve their site’s accessibility and our Test Bank of users that are trying to access web content every day.

Our services include:

  • Providing accessibility testing of websites using a variety of platforms and assistive technologies.
  • Reviewing sites against established accessibility standards such as WCAG and Section 508.
  • Developing written policies on website accessibility.
  • Providing technical assistance on accessibility issues.
  • Developing processes and systems that ensure accessibility is embedded in your future development cycles.

We have worked with government agencies, other nonprofits and a variety of companies in providing these services. Take a look at some of our previous clients and call or email. Also take a look at the Case Studies page for examples.